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About Geo Spatial Smart Chennai

The Consultancy assignment was initiated by GCC through Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services Limited (TNUIFSL) under World Bank funding for creating Geo-referred Base Map of GCC area of 426 Sq.km covering 3 regions, 15 zones and 200 wards.

Government has accorded sanction and Grant for Consultancy assignment titled "Preparation of Base map, Property and utility mapping & Door to Door survey using Geo-spatial Techniques for Greater Chennai Corporation” vide G.O (D) No 489 MAWS Dt 22.12.2016

The Power of Geography

GIS Technologies can increase efficiency in public services and utilities and a great way improving governance and city administration.


To prepare the base map for property and utility in GIS platform.

To conduct Door to Door survey with due linkages to GCC database.

To enhance the Existing Property Tax collecting system using GIS Tool.

To provide an improvised information for decision making on Corporation functions

To facilitate GCC on Planning, Development & Management of infrastructures in GIS platform.


The GCC non-spatial data will be converting into spatial data (with locations).

All the Non-accessed properties will be identified.

The Geo data base will be available ward wise in detail.

The latest DRONE image using for data base creation, hence the data base accuracy will be more.

The single database will be available for all the Utilities with base map.

Every utility will have separate Layers (Feature class) with mandatory and Non mandatory attributes.

The total assets of utilities can be calculated area, length and count wise.

The geometrical and topological analysis can be possible.

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