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About Integration of Command And Control Centre

Greater Chennai Corporation with a population of over 70.8 lakh persons and growing, became one of the first municipal bodies to take citizen services online. With rapid industrialization and economic growth, the Corporation has had to take up many projects to leverage the city’s position as a growth propeller. One amongst them has been in providing IT-enabled services for citizens and businesses alike. Poised to take off as one of the top 20 Smart City Missions in India, there is an urgent need to create an IT backbone for administrative purposes as well. With this motive of integrating the various functionalities of the Greater Chennai Corporation, it has been envisaged to set up a Command & Control Centre under the Smart Chennai Proposal.

A secondary research was carried out where-in the learning from other cities was carried out which also re-iterated the need for integrated Command & Control Centre (CCC) approach for similar initiatives undertaken by the other smart cities in the country. A “use-case” matrix was developed to ascertain that the CCC would enhance the quality of life in the city immensely.

Science and Automation – Need of The Hour

With industrialization and economy growing rapidly, the Greater Chennai Corporation have taken up many projects to leverage city’s position as a growing force. Chennai is on a roll to take off as one of the top 20 Smart City Missions in India and an efficient method to operate administrative activities is the need of the hour.

In-depth research before setting up a control centre

Create an IT backbone for administrative operations

Integrate numerous functionalities of the GCC

Accelerating Ahead With Technology!

A Command and Control Centre has been proposed by the Greater Chennai Corporation under the Chennai Smart City Ltd. We carried a detailed secondary research from CCC using cities, to get holistic information and understanding of Command & Control Centre. We set up a ‘use-case’ matrix to ascertain the dynamics of CCC and how it would enhance the quality of life in the city immensely.

Transformation is The Way Forward!

Our Plan of Action With Command and Control Centre:

Technical Uprising

The use of hi-tech equipment to understand public welfare, it’s a revolution in Chennai’s progress


The routine usage of this technology will help understand citizen needs better thus increasing efficiency

Minimal Efforts

As any other technology, Command & Control Centre extensively saves human efforts of the GCC officials

Saves Time

All the information and data will be available at one exclusive place, without one person physically needing to go at a particular place.

Case Studies


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