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About Traffic And Transportation of Smart Chennai.

This project has two sub-systems-Intelligent Traffic Management and Intelligent Transport Management.Traffic management is to control traffic through adaptive systems which includes configuration of traffic signal at each of the junction along with development of signal control plan for individual operations, coordinated signal plan for the junction in sync with the area wide signal plan for different operating conditions.Transport Management refers to management of transport(buses) infrastructure by developing an electronic ticketing system,monitoring vehicular movement,Passenger Information System,fleet management system etc.

The Road To Glory:

Development can have a significant impact on the local and strategic road network, highway safety and the environment. Population growth, particularly in Chennai City, is fueling both development & demand for transport and placing an increasing burden on the existing transport network. If we are to meet the needs of our communities both now and in the future we need to provide smart, integrated & sustainable traffic and transport solutions. Thus created the project, “Intelligent Traffic Management System”.

Intelligent Traffic Management System:

This project has two sub-systems- Intelligent Traffic Management and Intelligent Transport Management, Intelligent Traffic Management. The main objective of this project is to maximize the traffic flow by reducing the average queue lengths and average wait times using dynamic traffic flow data read from Adaptive Traffic Control System.

Implementation of Intelligent Traffic Management System:

Installation of Traffic signaling systems across 435 junctions across the city.

Retrofitting/Installation of vehicle detectors, controllers, Traffic light aspects, poles, cantilevers, Junction Box and other required accessories at specified traffic junctions integrated with the ATCS software application.

The ATCS as an individual or group of traffic junctions that can be controlled by CCC.

Implementation of Intelligent Transport Management System:

GPS based vehicle tracking system which monitor performance and also that will show location, speed & Expected Time of Arrival of Bus.


Payment of ticket via mobile & bank wallets, SMART cards, credit/debit cards at depots & buses.


Central control centre will monitor & support the entire operations like user creation, online support, Depot control centre/other control centre management & Data centre operation

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