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About Kannammapet Crematorium

Crematorium furnaces combust at very high temperatures, 870 - 980 degrees Celsius and it takes at least an hour to incinerate the body. The burners can range in power from 150 kW to 800 kW. In the case of electric crematorium, additional energy is necessary to preheat the furnace. The furnace is lined with refractory ceramic bricks and to produce them requires lots of energy and materials.

GCC has proposed to convert the existing electric crematorium atKnnammapet to LPG based one. An LPG crematory takes around 45 minutes to complete this process. Besides being more efficient, an LPG crematory is environment-friendly. In addition, the calorific value of LPG is comparatively more. An LPG crematory has lower running costs, partly due to the fact that the thermal efficiency of the machine ensures lower fuel consumption.

The Need To Rebuild Kannammapet Crematorium

We at Chennai Smart City Ltd. understand that the cremation process of your loved one takes a toll on everyone. Restoring and modifying the electrical crematorium at Kannammapet is one of the essential Smart City Initiative by the Greater Chennai Corporation. People from nearby areas used to come at this crematorium for their deceased ones’ last rites. Since the closer of this crematorium, public have faced a lot of hardship to go to other crematoriums which are at quite distant places. Hence it becomes necessary to restore this crematorium back into public use at the earliest.

Revamping The Kannammapet Crematorium

Kannammapet Crematorium has been thoughtfully identified for an overall renovation as citizens have found it difficult to cremate their deceased ones at far off places. GCC has proposed to demolish the existing structure and contract a framed structure with value added modern facilities. The project is about to begin soon and planned to be completed within a year.

Facilities Provided:

Providing additional building for performing rites

Provide 2 Nos. LPG based crematoriums

Renovate the existing toilets/bathrooms with latest fixtures

Garden and Parking Area

Making Things Convenient With LPG

An electric crematorium require additional energy to preheat the furnace. The furnace is lined with refractory ceramic bricks which requires lots of energy and resources. Instead, the Greater Chennai Corporation has proposed to convert the existing electric crematorium with LPG based one at Kannammapet which has proved to be efficient too.

The Benefits of Using LPG:

LPG crematory takes 45 minutes to complete the process

LPG crematory is environment-friendly

The calorific value of LPG is comparatively more

LPG crematory is cost-effective because thermal efficacy of the machine that uses low fuel

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