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Welcome To Parking Management

Today, unorganized haphazard parking on the streets and invasion of pedestrian footpaths by parked cars have become a common sight in Chennai. Most on-street parking is free and even when charged, parking rules and fees are administered on an ad-hoc basis, leading to a lack of clarity for users, inconsistent enforcement and significant revenue leakage. The city experiences localised shortages despite the overall availability of parking space. It has also been observed worldwide that parking demand quickly outstrips supply in the absence of effective management strategies. The provision of free or cheap parking also encourages greater use of personal motor vehicles.

To make parking more sustainable, the selected service provider must focus on efficient utilization of existing parking areas. Thus, effective parking management is an essential tool to facilitate the efficient use of road space and reduce traffic congestion, allowing for easy passage for all road users: pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and also motorists. Appropriate parking fees can ensure that personal motor vehicle users compensate the city for the use of prime curbside real estate on which they park.

Traffic-Free Roads,
A Dream Coming True in Chennai

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has initiated steps for implementation of

Parking Management System(MPS) in Chennai City. Our Prospective bidder would 'Design Build, Finance, Operate and

Transfer (DBFOT)' the developed facility over a period of 5 years.

Managing Parking like A Boss!

The Greater Chennai Corporation has proposed to implement the Parking Management System project

on cashless transaction and the PMS's Information Technology (IT) system is expected to

integrate the overall parking facilities.

Aspiring Transformation

Here is what Greater Chennai Corporation offers to the citizens through PMS:

Smart Streets

Managed parking ensure vehicle-free roads, thus evading traffic

Fuel Saving

Easily acquired parking saves you from traffic hassles, saves good amount of fuel

Smart Mobility

Cycle parking encourages the usage of bi-cycles thus enhancing mobility

Time Saver

Effortless parking saves you an extensive amount of time

Why Us

Here's what GCC offers to help the car owners from time to time


We ensure drivers within
60 minutes


Guaranteed Service at
a tap of an app


Drivers verified by a leading background verification agency


Driver's GPS aided device guides him to you. No need or multiple phone calls & verbal route guidance


Right Driver for the right car


Track your driver , right from
the time you place
the request

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