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About Smart Classrooms

While the smart city mission has a large focus on developing public infrastructure, it is also about creating smart citizens who can operate fluidly within this new environment. These citizens can only be made smart if they are educated hand-in-hand with technology. In keeping with that goal, CSCL strives to create a model to equip schools with technology-based digital learning zones for students and teachers to maximize learning outcomes for a smarter future which can be replicated in other schools in the city.

The 28 classrooms, selected by the Greater Chennai Corporation’s Education Officer at various Corporation schools, are equipped with electricity, network connectivity and other relevant furniture required creating smart classrooms with the technical support provided by Samsung India Electronics.

Smart Classrooms Video

Making Students Smarter With Smart Classrooms

The Education department of Greater Chennai Corporation has established 28 Smart Class Rooms in Greater Chennai Corporation schools with adequate furniture, electrification and digital infrastructure. These classrooms are well equipped to provide new methods of learning for students through interactive, digital interfaces.

New Age Learning For The New Generation

Keeping the needs of the current generation of students in mind, 28 class rooms within Greater Chennai Corporation are turned into Smart Class rooms with the help of technology. Samsung India Electronics, partnered with GCC has provided the following equipments for the smart class rooms:

Samsung smart board/LED

Samsung Tablets

Desktop unit (Monitor+CPU)

Samsung printer

Accessories for tablets – Screen guard, Security device, Flip cover etc

Digital education content

Power backup inverters

Wifi Routers

Making Sure Students Benefit From Technology

Using the power of technology, the GCC has succeeded in upgrading the school life of many students in Chennai. The Chennai Smart City Project governs and ensures the efficiency of modern teaching methods and equipment to make sure the children of Chennai receive the best education through technology. Some benefits of the project are:

Direct interaction with the class room through digital resources

Computer-based learning with a communal screen, not individual computers

Increased student motivation

Better student engagement and enhanced retention

Better learning for

Using modern technology
to aid learning

Students enjoy the
learning experience

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